Handheld (Prototyping) #2

We have tested Android and found numerous issues with rendering stability on

  • Android ARM EABI v7a API 24 Rev. 6 -custom

We have tested latest build of

  • Microsoft Windows 10 Core 1607 – custom

And have selected this OS for the device.

The Windows 10 Core 1607 is highly stable and configurable, the only downside is that the Broadcom VideoCore IV does not have stable DirectX drivers for it. As such custom drivers are required to be built to enable a limited subset of DirectX on device. But we find this to be an easier task then compared to the stability issues on Android ARM EABI v7a API 24 Rev. 6.

Core User Interface does not exist so a Universal Windows App must be deployed to device to enable interactions.

Current UI design tests have yielded promise. We have working

  • Bluetooth connectivity and detection of input game controller devices.
  • USBconnectivity and detection of input game controller devices. (developer kit only)
  • Touchpad input mapping.
  • WIFI SSID detection and Authentication UI.
  • WiDi detection and connectivity (CLI currently)
  • Ethernet connection settings (developer kit only).